20XX or: How I Stopped Worrying and Took Pleasure in the Thought

this album was a trip, late nights, early mornings, very messy, similar / different structures, unorganized patches and accidental overwrites, live sequencing, cloud storage, os updates, carefree, lil editing + gut feeling

Slept on the Beat
Timid Kid
Dim Wit
Fourth Floor
Olive Oil
Lit Match
On One
Clean Sync
Smog Check
Captain Oblivious
Best Trends 4 Ever
Debt Collector
Very Well
Gnarly Ways
Aw Shucks

recorded in my bedroom april thru june 2019,

dim wit and olive oil were recorded live on may 31 2019 for a performance at somos art gallery

best trends 4 ever was recorded live on june 29 2019 for a performance at somos art gallery






an album composed of tunes while living in the united states of america, recorded in my bedroom near the end of 2018

this album caused me to be late for work a few times

brian dela cruz - elektron digitakt, roland tb-03, roland sh-01 // hexed - modular synthesizer, roland tr-08

name your price on bandcamp (it’s free if you prefer, and also includes a b-side: eighty-sixed [lazy tempo mix]. pretty sweet deal if you ask me!)

10 bux everywhere else cos of capitalism

work can be play if you want it to be

Missing the Void

Missing the Void

with this album i created each song using a different workflow. the first using 4 similar sets, eleven patterns, and slight/minimal scene changes. two through 10 use only sets of 4 or five patterns, with certain/particular scene changes per track (involving muting, panning, filter settings, etc.), and the last using a single set with various pattern and scene changes. i mainly tried this out because i'm still learning how to use these machines, but also to make each song grow in its own particular way.

i would also like to dedicate this album to my grandfather jesus dela cruz, who passed away at the age of 91. he was known for his love of dancing.

thank you for listening and enjoy. <3 -b

Missing the Void.jpg

spiritual successor // learning to love // off-the-grid

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